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Jamie is a native of Arizona.  Born and raised.  Jamie has been writing poetry since the tender age of 9 year’s old.  Inspired by the absence of her mother, Anna Jean Evans, who passed away when Jamie was only 1 year old.  What began as I miss you mom letters, soon transformed into poems.


Jamie uses her unique and diverse poetry styles to passionately express what the world needs, what the world is seeking.  Faith, hope, and “The Creator’s” Love for mankind.  The heart of every hearer will be uplifted, encouraged, and enlightened as Jamie creatively shares the gift she has been gifted. these heartfelt words transcend nations, race, gender, and even age because faith, hope, love, and truth break through barriers for it knows no limits.  Neither does she. 


Jamie understands that people need to know that there’s a purpose for all the pain and suffering. That there is something bigger than our insecurities, our failures.  That’s what Jamie’s poetry offers the world.  Jamie uses scripture from the Bible and simplifies it for every reader and/or listen to comprehend and makes it relative to this modern day society.

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